Our focus is on the goals and objectives of the business owner and how we can best support you utilising our team of dedicated and passionate individuals who thrive on seeing your business grow.
  • Assisting business starts ups.
  • Systems and processes to streamline how you do business.
  • Partnering directly with franchisors/licensors to create a streamlined process of reporting, compliance and support services for your franchise/licence partners.
  • Supporting, engaging and educating franchisees within a franchise system around compliance and reporting whilst working towards profitability.
  • Franchise and business audits to identify opportunities for achieving best practice.
  • Due diligence processes as part of doing the deep dive in understanding where a business is currently positioned.
  • Providing support to business owners around cashflow management, budgets and modelling.
  • Solution focused mantra ‘SOAR’: Solution, Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility to empower business owners to succeed.
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Solutions for all business formats with a strong focus on automation and streamlined reporting, systems and processes so you can focus on your business.
  • We provide Bookkeeping & Payroll Services.
  • Business Activity Statement and IAS Management, preparation and lodgement.
  • Setting up of business software including MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Payroll software setup, implementation and support.
  • Streamlined franchisor / franchisee reporting.
  • Rescue work, we specialise in getting your books back up to date, compliant and lodgements on time.
  • Cashflow Management/Budgets are the cornerstone of managing any business – we work closely with you to understand your KPI’s, triggers for growth and cashflow planning for now and the future
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AT FRANCHISE CONNECTIONS We believe that succeeding in business is all about making the right connections.

When I signed up to Franchise Connections to learn as much as I could about not only Franchising my business but business practices in general, I had no idea what I was going to discover and learn. Angie and her team treated me with respect, professionalism and often patience, as it was me that was learning the skills and them teaching. I learnt to understand the dynamics of a Franchise, how to work well with others and in some cases, how to work better with my business. I got my Tax sorted, and all business ventures discussed and organised in such a caring and competent manner, that there would be days that I would realise just how fortunate I was with their help. This is the reason you are reading this, and I believe the reason why you will decide to go with Franchise Connections.
Rei Joseph

Ex-Business Owner, Brighter Lines - Line Marking Service

I had spent 18 months with so called book-keepers and accounting professionals to no avail. Angie and her team at Franchise Connections worked with me, have got me back on track and focusing on my business & customers.
Joe Azzopardi

Ex-Business Owner, JDA Consulting / Rat Rods

We engaged Franchise Connections to initially assist in the purchase of an existing business. They helped us work through the due diligence process, created the business plan for us and the bank right through to ensuring we had everything covered in the contracts, to settlement date. Additionally, the team set up our various software programs, set up our systems and processes and trained our staff on the handling of the day-to-day transactions. Franchise Connections continues to be engaged assisting us with budgets and cashflow management, bookkeeping/BAS services and the strategic plan for the continued growth of the business and its sustainability. They also helped us work through the challenges that COVID presented to ensure we could continue to operate and keep our staff culture strong. We would not have been able to do this without them.
Shaun Colliver

Ex-Business Owner, Henry’s Model T, A & Rod Parts